Bowral Coop

Glenn Dudley

I have been farming in the Southern Highlands for 29 years and have been a customer of the Bowral Co-op for all of those years and a shareholder for the past 10 years.

Following university, I spent several years as a Financial Controller before being made responsible in 1980, for John Lysaght’s (now Bluescope Steel) operations in South East Asia.

In 1985, I moved to Metal Manufactures, a national manufacturer, distributor and retailer of power and data cables, copper tube and electrical supplies. In 1988, I was appointed Managing Director of the company, overseeing the growth of more than 100 wholesale and retail branches throughout Australia.

I retired from full time corporate work in 2000 to concentrate on breeding and fattening Angus cattle.

Whilst pursuing my career, I was elected in 1998, to the Council of The Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales (RAS). I have served on the Cattle and Domestic Animals Committees, the Audit Committee, the RAS Board and as Treasurer of the Society. Since retiring from corporate life I have taken the role as acting CEO of the RAS on two separate occasions and was elected President of the RAS in 2009. I chose to step down from this position this year after 6 years in this role.

I believe I can use my knowledge and business experience to help the co-op grow and prosper for the benefit of all members. As a result of my experience as President of the RAS of NSW I believe I have a good understanding of the needs and challenges of member based organisations such as the Bowral Co-op.

I am keen to contribute my knowledge and skills to our community and would be delighted to serve as a director of the Bowral Co-op.

I am married to Jenny and we have 3 children and 7 grandchildren who all love the farm.