Bowral Coop

Irrigation & Water Services

water management solutions at bowral coopWhether its pipe, fittings, sprinklers, pumps, tanks & poly or concrete livestock water troughs, we have you covered!

We supply a range of Rain Water Tanks, Stock watering systems, Rural & Metric Poly Pipe with a range of fittings to suit, Home Garden & Lawn irrigations systems, Pressure pumps to suit garden, house or farm applications, including fire pumps. Bore, solar and commercial pumps available for special order.Our range of sprinklers include garden nozzles, impact, and pop-up sprinklers along with 4mm micro fittings, sprays, drippers & tube. 13mm to 25mm low density poly pipe and low-density fittings to suit.For all of your home garden needs, we have a wide range of garden hoses, flexible suction and delivery hoses with garden hose adapters and camlock fittings.