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Quality agricultural products, services and expert knowledge, all in one place

Come in and browse our extensive range of ag-grade products, including high quality livestock feed and pet food. 

Visit the store for rural merchandise and supplies, from fencing and irrigation to animal health and tools.

Improve the productivity of your land, with scientifically-backed advice from our instore agronomist.

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Welcome to the co-op

We're more than a store, we're a flourishing community.

With almost a century spent servicing the Southern Highlands and surrounding regions, Bowral Co-op is a local staple, genuinely invested in the people of our area, and our shared, bright future.


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Who doesn’t love a competition, especially when the prize is some great gear that will save you time and help improve your farm’s productivity? By 30 April, spend $1,000 on selected items at the Co-op (purchases you’d need to make anyway!), and we’ll enter you in the draw for the new farm tech you’ve been waiting for!


This season, we have hand-selected the products that will help you, your family and farm prepare for the cooler months, and we’re bringing them to you at the most competitive prices around. 


With more than 1,400 local members, and benefits like discounts, free events and expert advice, our Co-op is at the centre of the local ag community, and a path to greater productivity on your farm.  

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5% discount off 12k products

Receive a 5% discount off invoice value at the time of sale on over 12,000 selected products.

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Automatic Cash on Delivery

Enjoy automatic cash on delivery for your purchases and accounts, no application needed!

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15-day Trading accounts

Apply for member-exclusive 15-day trading accounts. Settle within 15 days of EOM, and if not, the discount can be re-applied.

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Receive a dividend on shares held

All member dividends will generally be fully franked and paid annually following the annual general meeting.

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Co-op in the community


Right at the heart of our Co-op, is the idea that by working and growing together, we can enable the best possible future for all of our members.

For us though, that idea extends beyond our walls and our membership, and right out into the community. We believe we all have a part to play in something bigger, and by supporting, encouraging and strengthening those around us, we all win!

Bowral Co-op is a sponsor of local teams, groups and events, and we take great pride in sharing all of their amazing achievements. 

Will, the agronomist

Meet Will Black, our agronomist. Will brings a lifetime of industry experience, and provides our members and customers the latest in innovative practices and technologies appropriate to our local area to improve your farm productivity and profitability.

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Agriculture is still one of the most, if not the most important industries, and I’m passionate about empowering farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive as we meet the challenges ahead.

Will Black

Our story

Established as a dairy producer in 1926, our Co-op has weathered the storms of a century of change, and rolled with the punches through wars, economic downturns, and natural disasters. Built on that strong foundation, those important lessons, we are now looking to the future – and to a vision of a thriving community full of happy, healthy people on prosperous and productive land. This is our story…

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