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About Us

From humble beginnings in 1926 to today, bowral co-op has always been here for the southern highlands community.

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Our history

Our story began almost a century ago, with a daIry co-op, a mission for fairness, and a vision of a thriving agricultural industry.

And though a lot has changed since then, both in the Co-op and in the world around us, our dedication to the farmers and families in our area has only grown stronger. 

Today, we continue as a co-op, expanded far beyond dairy, serving locals through an expansive product range and expert agricultural services. 

the journey to today

June 1


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Bowral Co-op initially formed as a butter factory and milk depot.
January 1


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During this decade, the Co-op installed the latest butter moulding and wrapping machinery, making it one of the most modern factories in NSW.
January 1


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Bowral Co-op (Trading) was formed to operate the retail business, which continued to expand over the years that followed.
January 1


Icon growing
The retail store was upgraded to provide more space to expand our product range and improve the customer experience.
January 1


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The Co-op added the Saddleworld franchise to its retail store, and it is a growing provider within the flourishing equine industry in the Highlands.
July 1


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The Co-op ends its franchise with Saddleworld but remains committed to the equine market with a wide product range.
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Our vision

When we look to the future, we hope to see a resilient and SUCCESSFUL agricultural community that has not just survived change, but thrived in the face of it.

We know our Co-op is integral to making that happen, so every day, we will continue to bring agricultural people together in one community.

We will empower you with quality products, cutting-edge services, expert knowledge and the connections you need to overcome emerging challenges, embrace innovation, and build resilience and success.

Taking the co-op into the future

Co-op CEO, Mark Freund, is known for his commitment to the community — to every member, every customer, and every person our business can serve and support. 

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For a while, co-ops seemed to go out of fashion, but they’ve made a comeback in a big way! Why? Because now, more than ever, we really need to work together to look after our land and our people. That’s what our Co-op does. It’s not just a shop; it’s something so much bigger and better, and it’s here to empower our community as we pave a path to a collective brighter future. 

– Mark Freund, CEO

Our values

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We are driven by community – by coming together, sharing ideas, supporting each other and creating something bigger than ourselves.

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We believe in working together – in collective strength, knowledge and respect geared towards achieving common goals.

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We are committed to meeting (and exceeding!) the needs and expectations of others, with integrity, empathy and excellence.

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We are motivated by learning and understanding, pursuing knew insights wherever we can, and willingly sharing them with others.

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We are always genuine, transparent and honest in all our interactions, and we encourage everyone to be their true selves, without fear.

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We are continuously working towards personal, professional, organisational and community advancement and progress, for the betterment of everyone.

Our team

Mark Freund

The CEO of Bowral Co-op, Mark brings extensive experience managing properties and local organisations. 

Sylvia Cortez

Sylvia Cortez

The CFO of the Bowral Co-op, Sylvia was previously a very successful CFO, then CEO of a co-op in NSW. 

Georgie Poulton

The Store Manager of Bowral Co-op, Georgie’s experience and relationship building have helped transform our store. 

Our board


Tony butler Chair


Deputy Chair





Sallianne Faulkner


Co-op in the community

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Fast, Friendly Service – 45kg Gas Bottles Right to Your Doorstep!

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Carbon Sequestration

Bowral Co-op is proud to announce its collaboration with Carbon Asset

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