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Working right alongside our retail and produce departments, our customers benefit from a range of specialist agricultural services delivered by our farm services team.

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Farm planning involves selecting the most productive and profitable courses of action from many possible alternatives.

Our agronomists work alongside you to develop a detailed farm production plan to meet your aims and objectives. Farm plans typically include farm mapping, land class evaluation, annual gross margin planning and budgeting, crop and pasture selection, nutrient management, integrated weed, pest and disease management and end-of year data analysis, benchmarking, and review.


Good land management practices are vital to agricultural productivity, the quality of our ecosystems, and the land’s ability to produce clean environmentally responsible outputs.

Everyday, we’re on-farm offering a range of services including, soil, leaf and water testing services, crop and pasture nutrition advice, weed, pest and disease identification and management recommendations, including resistance management plans, grazing management advice and dry matter production monitoring.


Several intersecting disciplines come together to effectively manage your livestock production system efficiently and effectively.

Our livestock management services include pasture nutrition and supplementary feeding programs, nitrate testing and advice, parasite and metabolic disease management, key event planning, least-cost ration formulation, and animal health, induction and finishing programs.


Precision agriculture is increasingly allowing us to have more control over a production system by recognising variation and managing different areas of land differently.

From digital mapping, to managing satellite or drone imagery collection and interpretation, through to yield mapping and implementation of variable technologies or farm services team strive to be at the cutting edge when it development and implementation of the latest in precision agriculture.


Agronomic due diligence is a critical component of the agricultural investment process.

We provide independent advice on climate, infrastructure, enterprise mix, production benchmarking and potential, capital expenditures and opportunities for future diversification.

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