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The co-op offers an expansive range of competitively-priced, ag-grade products to our community.

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The produce store at Bowral co-op is committed to delivering quality and variety for local farmers and animal owners.

Produce at Bowral Co-op
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With everything from cat food to poultry food, dog food and cattle, horse and bird foods, plus assorted extras, we are focused not only on looking after the people of the local community, but the wellbeing and health of your pets and livestock too! 

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THIS MONTH,Buy a bag of Speedi-Beet and go in the draw to win a $100 store voucher.

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With recent months delivering the Southern Highlands a vast and unpredictable range of weather, and rain leaving fields wet and muddy, hoof care has become an increasing priority for many in our community. 

Hoof blocks for horse health

While the Southern Highland's long, wet summer has delivered a lovely humid staycation for some, for our horses, the resulting soggy fields and ongoing exposure to damp conditions can have negative effects.

Extended contact with these wet conditions can soften the hooves, making them more susceptible to damage, infections, and other hoof problems.

Similarly, injuries to the hoof might not heal as quickly or effectively due to the challenges in keeping the area dry.

Creating further risk, slippery surfaces can also increase the possibility of injury to a compromised hoof.

Our produce experts

Jasmine Hutton - Bowral Co-op

Jasmine Hutton - Produce Assistant

Jamie Hajdu - produce assistant

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My go-to local, they have a big range, always have stock, staff are always helpful.

Angela Stanway

I go to the Co-op all the time and have had the best customer service…
They always load my goods into my car, wouldn’t go any where else.

Monika Fotheringham

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