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Christmas hours and message

This Christmas and New Years, we'll be open and ready for business, so you can pick up what you need, and cross everything off your to-do list before the first sparkle of fireworks even begins!

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2024 bowral co-op hay run

The great 2024 hay run begins!

Every year between January and March, part of our team at
Bovine Pestivirus

Managing Bovine Pestivirus

Pestivirus is widespread throughout the Australian cattle population. About 70% of
Ultravac 7in1

Ultravac 7in1 Cattle and Sheep vaccination by Zoetis

If you run cattle, chances are you know just how many
Pryde's horsefeed

Pryde’s EasiGoing Feed

As well as our rolling green hills, award-winning wineries, and mouth-watering
fertiliser withholding Bowral Co-op

Fertiliser withholding periods explained

A handy guide to withholding periods before grazing after fertiliser application
Soil testing Bowral Co-op

Making sense of soil testing

Without an understanding of a soil's physical and chemical properties it's

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