Bowral Coop

Tony Butler

In 2016 after many years of being based in Sydney and commuting to our family farm in Bathurst NSW, my wife and I decided to take the plunge and move full time to the Southern Highlands.  We purchased ‘Kahlua’ and ‘Glenwood’ where my wife could concentrate on competing and breeding her Australian Quarter Horses and I would transition to full time management of our farm, breeding beef cattle and silage manufacturing.

Since that time, we have become fully engrossed in the Highlands community.  We have undertaken business in the highlands and made many friends.

We have enjoyed family get togethers on the farm and the wedding of our youngest son.  We have also welcomed 3 grandchildren in that time – all of which enjoy spending time on the farm with us.

I joined the family business in 1979.  I have a 45-year career based in the events and live concert industry.  I was responsible for over 120 staff and 100 contractors.  We had a multinational business with branches and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, New Zealand, Bathurst (NSW), Newcastle (NSW) and Dubai (UAE).  The business was sold in 2016.

I have various industry experience in warehousing, operations and logistics, industrial and commercial property, IT planning, progress, and implementation of front of house sales systems complete with accounting and operation interface, and local, State and Federal compliance, governance, applications, and tenders.

My goals are to work within the Board structure assisting senior management to achieve cohesion within the business to fully maximise business potential.  These goals include helping to set the business ‘vision’ and planning for the next 15 plus years, assist where possible, to maintain and improve sales to ensure a strong cash position, and to assist senior management to achieve operational effectiveness and ensure profitability.