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Like almost any industry, agriculture is on the move. And while we might not be so caught up in the likes of artificial intelligence language systems like everyone who is office-bound, there are still advances occurring in our industry all the time.

In fact, while our industry is one of few that still effectively uses some practices from centuries ago (because they actually work!!), it is also a space that has allowed for tremendous change and progress, whether through evolution in machinery, or adjustments to how we approach land, crop and livestock management.

A big part of our focus at Bowral Co-op is making sure our members, and indeed, our wider agricultural community — whether established farmers, hobby farmers or enthusiasts — are equipped to take advantage of ongoing changes, or when relevant, to apply existing practices and insights in ways that will increase productivity.

To help us achieve that mission, in November, we kicked off the first of our Grower Info Series events — evening seminars hosted by the Co-op, with specialist guest speakers who can share information and education on a range of important areas.

In 2024, these events will continue to be held regularly, and we invite all of you to come along, and of course, to suggest topics of interest, so we can make sure they are as useful to you as possible.


In mid-November, we invited the local community along to the Bowling Club for a educational get-together.

The evening featured three great speakers:

  • Bruce Ramsey from DLF seeds
  • Glenn Whitton from Riverina Stock Feeds
  • Will Black, our very own agronomist, here at the Co-op

Between the three speakers, soil nutrition, beef cattle nutrition and pasture management were covered in detail, with a range of information, insights and suggested actions shared. 

The team worked together to field questions, making sure everyone who attended got what they needed to head back to their own properties and put any required changes into play. 

For anyone who attended the evening and needs help putting some of that planning into action, Will Black is now available for farm visits, to provide some one-on-one insights and advice. 


Our November kick off was just the start of our event series, and our renewed commitment to going above and beyond providing products, by also offering knowledge and guidance to go with the use of those products and the improvement of farming practices. 

We’ll be releasing a calendar for our next events in 2024, and invite you to RSVP here on our website to lock your seat in early — stay tuned! 

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