CLiK: Prevent flystrike for up to 29 weeks


As the saying goes, prevention is often better than the cure, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to flystrike.

Known to be more prevalent in the summer months, many of our local farmers will know flystrike is caused by blowflies laying their eggs inside the skin of animals, including sheep. Once the eggs hatch and the larvae emerge, they create an open wound that they can then feed on, leaving your animals both in pain, and at risk of infection and death, in as little as 24 hours after the wound becomes apparent.

CLiK’s spray-on prevention range, in store now at Bowral Co-op, is easy to administer, and can protect your animals against flystrike for up to 29 weeks. It’s Rain Lock™ formulation means it doesn’t wash away and become ineffective with the first rainfall after application, and it protects the body against breech and poll strike, keeping them safe after mulesing or if they have marking wounds.

Come on into the Co-op and pick up your CLiK, today.

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