Ultravac 7in1 Cattle and Sheep vaccination by Zoetis

Ultravac 7in1

If you run cattle, chances are you know just how many diseases can affect them, and in turn, affect the productivity of your farm.

Protecting your livestock against these diseases has, in the past, been almost a full-time job on its own. But as vaccinations for animals have improved over time, keeping them – and your livelihood – safe, has become faster and easier.

Combined vaccinations are widely used to protect livestock against a number of different diseases and conditions, all at once.

Produced by world-leading animal health company, Zoetis, Ultravac 7in1 immunises cattle against:

  • Enterotoxaemia: Also known as pulpy kidney, it is caused by bacteria that produces a toxin that is absorbed by the body. It can cause death and can also affect a range of other animals.
  • Tetanus: Caused by bacteria, Clostridium Tetani, animals with the condition might initially appear jumpy or overstimulated, and will develop increasing stiffness and spasms that can result in death.
  • Black Disease: Causing severe liver damage due to the release of a toxin by bacteria, Black Disease can cause death in cattle.
  • Malignant Oedema and Blackleg: This bacterial infection usually occurs through contaminated wounds or activation of dormant spores.
  • Leptospirosis: Caused by bacteria, this condition can lead to stillbirths in cattle, with fever, loss of appetite and conjunctivitis, early symptoms.


Ultravac 7in1 by Zoetis is now in store at Bowral Co-op.


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